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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Travel Journal, Travel Kit!

For my MIL (Mother In Law).  My mother in law Candy is going away on an adventure in a couple of weeks and taking along a travel journal (like the ones in my Shop) I made for her at the beginning of the summer.  So I was thinking today looking at my own little On The Go Mail Kit that she definitely needed a Travel Journal Kit!  She isn't a journaler by nature but shes starting out.  So she doesn't really have ANY supplies.   Hmmm I wonder where she could get some?!?!?!

The Kit I put together for her cost me almost nothing.  I think the plastic school supply box was about a $1.79.  All of the goodies inside are from my own stash.  She has all of the basics.

1.  Washi Tape!
2.  Clear Tape
3.  Glue Stick
4.  Paper Clips
5.  Pens
6.  Crayons
7.  Note Cards
8.  Envelopes
9.  Journaling Cards
10.  Embellishments

And of course I typed up a little instruction page, just something to give her some ideas of what types of things she can stick into her little notebook of pretty paper.

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