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Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's July!

Where oh Where as 2012 gone...  I have decided that since today I am officially starting to use my new Journal, now that it is a bright and shiny new month that I would start with some monthly goals.  Some of these goals will be part of a much bigger goal but I am trying to build up to important life changing things instead of trying to go full steam ahead.  Unfortunately I am an All Or Nothing Girl which usually means the ALL part fizzles very quickly because perfection is impossible and I spend most of my time wallowing in the NOTHING cycle.  So here are some of the things I want to focus on in JULY!

1. Manufacture my own fireworks for the 4th!
2. Number one was a joke...  LOL

Lets try this again:

1. Finish Tutorial Project
2. Journal Often
3. Say Farewell to Complex Carbohydrates
4. Say Hello to Juicing one or two meals a Day
5. Only visit Social Media sites ONCE per Day
6. Mediate, yoga or walk daily
7. Crochet at least Four Rows per Day

Its kind of neat that I ended on number 7 since this is the 7th month!  Haha

Any who, I am off to focus on this list of goals.  I think the two that give me the most pause are numbers one and three.  I've never done a tutorial before and I am a bit nervous.  I started it over a month ago but then my emotional 3 1/2 week Civic Duty fulfillment derailed me.  And Carbohydrates?  Well I Love them...  But who doesn't?!



  1. Oh hello - (I popped over from pinterest. Thank you for enjoying my art journals!) I love your list of goals - clearly you should add the fireworks to your list...

    I haven't done my july goals yet - for some reason they're not working out. Ah well.

    I wish you luck with the complex carbohydrate elimination - I've been gluten free for a year, and that's been hard enough for me -tear-.

    I love your blog - your journals are so pretty!! I'm going to follow it from now on. :)



  2. Thanks for stopping by Melissa! I found your Blog through the Summer Journaling class your taking. I think I may sign up for it. Your journal pages were LOVELY! Super inspiring. Good luck with your July goals!