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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Indiana Jones

Who doesn't love Indiana?!

Well this is pretty funny. But of all the people in my non online life it's the fellas who want me to make them custom journals. So now I have been tasked with making an Indiana Jones journal. You know the type. Leather. Rustic parchment paper. Maps. Oh did I mention the leather cover?!

I. Am. Not. A. Leather smith. But luckily I was once a journal hoarder. So I happen to be in possession of a fantastic leather journal cover with a wrap around closure. VERY Indiana Jones esque. Now I just have to bind a book together to go inside it. I'm thinking cream colored pages that have been distressed and possibly aged with tea... We shall see. Pictures to follow!


  1. This was the most amazing journal I have ever seen. You made Sean Connery's journal look like it is the knock off of yours. I am so grateful for it and I rub it in the face of everyone who sees it. I have been travelling using it to write and it has become my adventure book! All of my adventures will go in it!
    Thank you so much Sara!

  2. Your WELCOME! Now joey wants one. Hmmm I actually don't recall exactly what Sean's looked like, I didn't bother to check. LOL I just went with leather, old pages and worldly. Super happy your happy! This is the kind of stuff I LOVE to do!!!