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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Absolutely Freaking


OK, I have a new favorite Blog.  I'm trying to be cool about it and not be a Blog stalker who leaves comments about absolutely every freaking thing I loved about the post, so all two of you reading my little Blog have to check her out!  Laura at Please Deliver To.  She is a fantastically funny crazy mail obsessed girl.  And here's the kicker, she's an uber GEEK and a TREKKIE!!!  Girl after my own heart I swear.  Any who unfortunately there are far too many uber smart people out in Blogger Land who also think she is awesomely fantastic so she can't take on any more penpals (this may or may not stop me from writing her anyways) but reading her Blog is definitely a GREAT way to get your day started!


Opps!  Thanks to Laura I have realized that I was lost in the space time continuum and that it is actually TUESDAY!!!  Holy Crow!  Thanks again Laura!



  1. Thanks for the post Sara! That was awesome of you.

    However, it says Happy Sunday, but it was posted on a Tuesday and what's going on here?! Has time gone topsy-turvy again? Who do I need to talk to about this? What am I doing? Where am I? I'll just go take a nap now...

    Have a great day. :)

  2. Oh my God you're right!!! I must be caught in the space time continuum! Haha, Sundays are always my favorite day home and since I was having a lovely morning home I assumed it must be SUNDAY! So Happy Tuesday instead!

  3. lol all 2 of us reading your blog i am positive there is more reading than that sweety :) i am already following Laura and sent her a mail last week :)must say i am gutted she isnt accepting any more penpals because she is the same sort of nuts as me :P

  4. Haha. Yeah I'm sure she has a mailbox full! She's hilarious. I love "meeting" other dorks like myself! your letters in the mail by the way!!! Have a super day!

  5. oooh i cant wait :D been making new stationary to write on :)so pleased with it.. and hubby is going to be getting me some washi tape at the weekend finally gonna have some :) so happy right now