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Friday, August 31, 2012

Oh My Goodness!!!

Has it really been 5 days since my last Blog post?! I apologize. My brain has officially been taken over by the evil professors at Uni who are desperately trying to make me a better more equipped human being. Although in the grand scheme of things... Any who now I'm off topic!

Wait I don't think this post had a topic. I really just need to find some time. Hurry up and write my best selling novel and move to Oregon to live in the country and simply enjoy life!!! That's the dream. I want to sit in my little home and write and consume and give back and read and create and craft and cook and see and ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Ok silly ranting post is complete. I am also happy to announce that my new blog friend (ok I think we're friends but really I think I just have a blog crush) Laura is alive and well!!! Robots had not in fact kidnapped her she was simply vacationing in London. Check out her funny blog!

YUMMY!!!  Yes that is  a bagel under there.  SOOO tasty!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Some New Goodies!

I told you I was in a crafty mood!!!  I was sitting in my backyard relishing the End of Summer and the impending Fall when I decided to grab my camera and start shooting!  So now there are some nifty note cards available in my Etsy Shop with prints of the views I found in my backyard.  Hope everyone enjoys the scenery as much as I am.  Cheers!

I Love Crafty Days

That is all. Cheers!!!

How In The Heck

Did you come up with a name like Willow Mucks Shop?!

This is a question I get asked a lot!  And it has a surprisingly simple answer.  You see I LOVE trees and as I was sitting one day trying to come up with a neat shop name I thought of a Willow Tree.  Something great and beautiful and timeless.  Then for some reason the image of a Willow Tree shedding it's leaves came to mind.  Then a vision of a watery decaying mound of rain wet leaves at the base of the glorious tree.  You know, muck!  So Willow Mucks Shop was born.  I've always loved the word MUCK!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Just a Quick Hello!

This week has been very stressful and trying with a lot of waiting.  So I apologize I'm not posting something more upbeat and interesting!  I promise in a few days when all is well in the Land of Sara I'll have some exciting fun crafty things to share.  For now though I have a whole bunch of goodies coming in the mail!  Everything from Twilight Exchange cards to more paper to add to my hoard.  And a special  Bday present I pre ordered for myself.  It's the new Polaroid!!!

You'll remeber that I have this little beauty that prints out actual mini versions of the original Polaroids.  They are 3x2 and perfect for sticking into a journal of making a card with.

Well this beauty is pretty special too!  She also prints 3x2 prints but they are on a special heat reactive photo paper that lives in the camera.  What's really neat is that they have a sticky peel away back!  So they are perfect for crafting with.  The camera is digital so you get to make sure you have the shot you want to print!  I don't have her yet since she's a pre order but as soon as I do I'll share!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Last Week of Summer

Let's try and make the best of it shall we?

Now this sounds easier said then done, because I have TWO (yes that's two) dentist appointments this week!!!  How on earth can I make something like having my teeth drilled and abused on my two days off from my (real job) fun or enjoyable?  Maybe I need a reward system...  Like after I am done at the appointment I get to do something fun or eat something yummy (once feeling has returned of course, don't wanna be a zombie on my own face!!!)

Next week it is back to school, while working, while raising my beautiful mini, while trying not to murder my unemployed husband out of raging jealousy...  You see how good I have to be?!?!?!

Oh well, here's to Monday (raise glass and cheers).  Lets make the BEST OF IT!!!

P.S. Iv'e made a Facebook Page for my Shop and Blog!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Let's Just Say

I've had an amazing Birthday week!!!

1. I'm getting in the groove of using my journal.
2. I'm preparing mentally for all the changes and sacrifices I'll be making come Monday to make sure that 29 is a happy healthy productive year (goodbye to gluten, alcohol, excessive spending etc...)
3. The fun's not over yet! I work at my day job today but then I'm free for two more glorious days!!!

Yesterday was super neato. I woke up early and excited before 7 am and spent some quiet time alone. Then it was off to Birthday breakfast at my favorite cafe. Then we had to replace my iPhone... The home button and the power button had given out. But, they gave me $132 smackeroos for my old phone so my new one was was almost paid for! Finally it was off to the Chumash Casino to spend a few hours with the hubby daydreaming about winning big. Lol. We play penny slots. And guess what. I WON $300 DOLLARS!!!

It kept happening. I'd find a bright and shiny machine that looked like it had neato extra bonus games and down I would sit. A few button pushes in and blamo! I'd wind up in some sort of bonus game and watch the winnings pour in! It's especially fun in penny slots because your "winnings" are in the thousands. I did this four times with winnings of $60, $70, $80, & $90! The most entertaining one was the Ghostbusters machine. The chair vibrated when you hit the bonus round.  SO FUN!

The fun continues this weekend. Hope everyone else is having a lovely end to their summer!!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Crafty Craftyness!!!

I am having the most WONDERFUL day!!!  First today is the day before my Birthday so I am home ENJOYING myself.

That has involved quite a bit of crafting.  SOOOOOO I have three sets of cards in my Shop now!!!

Wizard of Oz (which I LOVE)

Vintage Advertisement/Steam Punk

And Some Retro Christmas!!!

Happy, Happy, Happy


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Here She Is

A new Journal for my new age.

A work in Progress

Please excuse the dust.

So here are some pictures of the paper I am using for my 29th Year Journal!

I especially love the colorful wood grain paper. Have I mentiond before that I LOVE Trees?! Not sure why. I just do. So I absolutely adore this paper.

So far it has a little over fourty pages (80 front and back). I figure that's already one or two entries a week and I know I'll be adding pages in as I go along.

I'm still pondering the cover so you'll have to wait til this afternoon to get a peek!!!

Oh. And I highly recommend picking up this little book! It is filled with pretty inspirational quotes and musings in bright colors that tear out. Perfect for journaling, card making or scraping with! I picked it up at Paper Source but I'm sure you can find it on Amazon as well.

Eeeekkk!  I just took a quick peek and it looks like the only place you can pick up this little Gem is through Paper Source for a slightly uncomfortable $20 dollars.  But if you are in the mood to splurge (I did for my upcoming Birthday) then I highly suggest it!

My Favorite Time of Day

Is always in the morning when the house is still quiet and everyone is still asleep.

I'm thinking a lot about GOALS today. Sadly it's my final day of one of the happiest words in the English language. "Vacation".

Next week is my final Twentieth Birthday and I feel like this year really means something. It's the end of an era. Of a decade!!! In these last ten years I became independent. Married. And a Mother. I can't believe how fast it has all gone!!! Don't worry I wont start begging for time machines again (I'm already building one!)

I have a ton of things I want to achieve in this last year of my twenties. Most notably:

1. Getting ├╝ber healthy (so I can fight crime).
2. Waking up earlier every morning to have more lovely quiet reflection time
3. Possibly moving to Oregon
4. Making my dream of staying home more with my family and working less
5. Somehow making more of a living by crafting

There are A LOT more goals but these five sort of include the others. It's an important long list. I just feel like I am on the precipice of great change.

I have also decided that this big important year needs its own Journal. Photos to follow!!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

A List of Things

To do before my vacation (tragically) ends and my Birthday week begins.

1. Write some more letters!!!
2. Post said letters pictures online
3. Make new journal for 29th year on Planet Earth (pretty sure I've been here the entire time...)
4. Finish Twilight Mom Card Exchange cards!
5. Avoid a "my vacation is over!!!" panic attack
6. Shop on Etsy a bit!
7. Explore new mail and craft blogs
8. Figure out if I like my new short hair with my much too round face
9. Fix round face by changing entire current dietary consumption levels
10. Try not to be so hard on myself!
11. Start making cards for my SHOP!!!

(11 seems like a good uneven place to stop, yayee for uneven number!!!)

Oh and I bought a Lap Desk!!! Just thinking about it makes me want to do a little jig. And yes I have an Owl
on my shirt (one on my arm is soon to follow).


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vacation & Other Musings

Ahhh!!! Why oh why is it already Thursday?! How can this beeeeeee... Why oh why is the time going by so gosh darn fast?!

So far my week has been a wonderful mixture of adventure and relaxation.

We went to the Fair on Monday and enjoyed all of the usual fair offerings. The little miss went on three little rides all by her lonesome that in my opinion went around much too quickly!!! The Mr. and I were having little heart attacks while the miss was having a blast.

(Me and my not so little Brother!)

Yesterday we spent the day at the happiest place on earth!!!

(Isn't Minnie cute!!!)
It was toasty but we survived.

(The Miss in her first Minnie Hat!)

The lines were pretty quick and we collapsed into bed last night like we had just been rescued from a week long hike in the wilderness.

I slept like a rock!!!
(The Miss Mouse napping with her Pirate Mickey!)

Today is the halfway mark... Please oh please someone slow down time for me!!!

(The Brother channeling Dr. Jones)

Does anyone have. A Time Turner?! It would be greatly appreciated!!!

(Little Girl and Daddy leaving the Park)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Why oh why does time fly when you're having fun?! I can't believe it's Tuesday! Quick. Does anyone know how to make a flux capacitor. Or maybe a worm hole. Does anyone know how to bend time or reverse the rotation of the planet?!

Ok. Rant over. Vacation has been lovely so far. Sunday was spent driving to LAX to pick up the not so little brother. The drive home was spent debating with our mother and getting a major rile out of her and then making her laugh so hard with a superiorly inappropriate joke that she almost died from lack of oxygen and ran us off the road. I was laughing so hard at her laughing that I had tears streaming down my face!

Yesterday we went to the fair. Everything was done at warp speed because of the buggy girl but it was fun!!! She rode a horsey and went on what I considered three much too fast rides all by herself. I watched closely cheering while having a coronary.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

12 More Hours

And I will be officially on VACATION!!!  Ultimate Happy Dance happening right now.

I can't wait!  Just one more work day lies ahead of me.  Then pure freedom for eigth lovely fun filled days!  I think I am most excited about Disneyland.  And California Adventure!  I've never been to California Adventure.  

I am hopefully gonna squeeze in some crafting too!  Wow this  post has a lot of exclamation points!  My posts usually do, I am a sucker for the exclamation but this post has a ton!  Happy, Happy, Happy.

I was thinking bout doing a series of posts about all of the handmade crafty alternative decorations I have in my home.  All of those things I have made because I saw something I liked but didn't want to pay the price of the tag for it.  Any thoughts?

 Ahhh of to work I go!!!