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Thursday, July 19, 2012

So Many Things

So Little Time!!!!!!

My brain is spinning around with ideas and I just can't seem to focus on any one thing. So here is a probably not so short list of what's going on around in my grey matter...

1. I finished the Indiana Jones journal for my friend Jon. And he loved it!!! It was probably one of the more simple things I've made. I had to reign myself in to accommodate his tastes... Haha

2. I want to start Christmas Journals but I'm not sure if there is any point... I have a whole box full of lovely journals in my bedroom waiting for good homes already...

3. I think I want to start making stationery again! Cards really. If I could sit down and focus I might just do that!

4. I haven't journaled all week and I need to get back to my Summer of Love art journal class.

5. I really want to get another piece of mail art made for that Summer Camp I mentioned a few days ago! So far I am sending off a really neat big wooden postcard.

6. I really would love to find a penpal! I've had a few over the last years but after a letter or three back and forth they've fizzled...

7. I can't stop thinking about my upcoming VACATION! My little brother arrives from Oregon on August 5th and will be sleeping on my couch until the following Sunday. Eight glorious days!!! Sunday will be pick up day. Monday is the Ventura County Fair. Tuesday we will lounge and Wednesday is Disneyland day!!! Thursday we will relax and Friday it is off to the Aquarium of the Pacific. Saturday we will be couch potatoes and Sunday it's back to LAX for him. I can't believe how far we've come!!! I have to remind myself that I am almost 29 which makes him 26... Not so little...

Any who this not so little post is just SOME of the craziness going on in my noodle... Hopefully I can find some focus today and get something wonderful accomplished. Cheers!!!


  1. You are so talented at these. I have never had a journal but this one is going to have the important things to me in it! I love all of the charts and travel stuff, you really outdid yourself on this! BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  2. Thanks Jon!!! I hope you have fun on your travels, I love journaling all of the time but especially while I am away from my everyday life!

  3. Wanna be penpallies Sara???? I'm 30 and a single mom to 4 little boys who lives in NW Missouri out in the middle of nowhere. I'm a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor, substitute teacher, Martha Stewart wanna-be and pretend hippie. lol!

    1. I would love to! I am not currently pen paling with anyone so that would be lovely. if you email me at Willowmucksshop@yahoo.com we can exchange addresses and see who wants to write first!