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Sunday, July 8, 2012

13 Journals

In the making so far!!! (for Friday the 13th...)  Sooo exciting. I spent a good portion of my lovely Sunday afternoon pulling paper and cutting them into journal sized sheets. Next I get to cut out cardboard covers... Which isn't nearly my favorite part but they make my favorite part!!! Then I get to hunt for the little extras to put in the books and decorate the covers.

So far I've got:

3 Twilight Inspired books with paper from my Twilight themed scrap pad and some handmade up cycled Twilight envelopes.

2 Autumn & Fall journals filled with paper in rich oranges and browns.

2 Camping and Wilderness books with fun themed paper including smores and fishing lures!

3 are Sewing Themed with needles, thread and patterns as well as hand made up cycled envelopes from a vintage sewing magazine.

And 3 Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Inspired journals.

These plus hopefully a few more will be in the shop Friday morning!!! Yippie.

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