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Thursday, May 29, 2014

June Journal/Planner Setup!

Sneak Peek!!!

So. This month. Now that I feel I have this whole journal thing down. I wanted to incorporate a teeny tiny bit of planner-ishness into my Travelers Notebook. 

Fear Not!!!

Yes. I still have. Love. And use my purple personal sized Malden Filofax!  It just lives on my desk as a very important information catch it all filing cabinet. I found that I didn't need to carry it every day because I am not a person who really ever has appointments.  I am either at work or at home. 


I dooooo carry my TN everywhere since it is my journal and I thought IT would be the best place for my daily To Do Lists!!!  So for this month (and hopefully every month going forward.) I will be splitting my Field Note inserts into four weeks. 

This is what I did.  On page one I found a free calendar printable and shrunk it down to size and glued it in.  I find having a month to view really handy!!!  Especially when trying to remember things like Birthdays, and Holidays.

After that I evenly spaced out the next for weeks by tipping in (hinging a piece of paper using tape) Mr. Ray Blake's WO2P FN size templates!!!  On these pages I will write down all those pesky or fun little things I want to get done on any given day!  And of course the occasional appointment.  If I have anything that needs to be planned for the following month (which is rare) I will just stick a sticky note on the last page of my insert so that I know to include it in my next months Field Note.  Easy Peasy!

Finally on all of the blank pages I will be doing my regular journaling, starting the 365/30 List Prompts and of course, my weekly Documented Life Project challenges.  

So yeah. I'm excited. Should be fun!  And I will film a flip through at the end of the month showing the full details.  

What are you all doing for June???

Journaling: Why You Should Draw

Even if you are like moi and can't!!!

Really!!!  You should. And here is why. 

It is my firm belief that those art journal pages I hate end up being my favorites later on. It's because of the story they tell. Mistakes are a part of life. Not everything is a beautiful piece of art. And that's ok!!!  

We need those pages we don't like at first to learn and grow. Without our mistakes we don't make progress. We find ourselves through our mistakes. And in art and life that is really a big deal!

Plus. Your journal is a reflection of you. It's your life. And I KNOW we don't all have perfect lives. So the mistakes in your journal are just another element of you. And that makes it special!

So. Back to drawing. I can't. No really I can't!!!  I simply don't have the patience to be any good at it. I can quickly sketch a silly flower or some mountain like shapes but that is about it. But that's ok!!!  I've learned to love those little "drawings" and these days my favorite thing to do is to add a water color wash over them. It creates this beautiful and light space to then journal within.  

So draw!!!  Practice makes perfect. And when you look back through your journals they will tell a story. They will show you how far you've come. What you've learned. Who you were and who you are now. Have fun!!!  And when in doubt. Cover it with gesso and try again. Haha. Cheers!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Journaling: Newbie

How I set up my pages!!!

So. Being new to the whole art journaling thing I thought I would share some things I've learned so far and show you how I set up my pages!

Blank white paper kind of freaks me out. It's just there. All perfect and staring at you. It's almost impossible to put pen to white paper for me. It's just. I don't wanna ruin it!!!  Also for me it causes a total BLANK on what I would like the page to end up looking like... Colors represent mood and a hint of color down on a page first is like a fresh breath of air!  So in my journal I have gotten into the habit of pre coloring some pages in advance so when I feel the urge to have some fun I have already avoided that blank white page freak out. 

First. Most of the Field Notes notebooks I use have thin-ish paper. These notebooks were designed for jotting notes and not necessarily ink and paint. So far I haven't had many problems that I couldn't work around.  Also, I think mistakes and experiments and slightly warped pages just add another layer of charm and personalization to your journal!  

So to begin with I like to put a layer down to sort of bulk the page up and resist bleed through.  I like to put down a layer of white gesso first. (Gesso is basically a white acrylic that is a little more heavily bodied and toothy?  Basically it can be used as a barrier to protect the paper, as a whiteout to cover a mistake and start over, or in thicker layers it can be used to add awesome texture!)  This really helps to make sure that no matter how wet you get the paper in between layers you will resist ripping it easily.  You could also use just white acrylic paint or any colored acrylic or skip it all together and go to the next step! But I like to add a layer of Gesso juuuuust to make sure I can have lots of inky, wet fun without worry.

After that I like to put a thin layer of colored acrylic paint. (You can use any brand you like. The less expensive works just as good as the more costly. The only difference I have noticed is that the cheaper acrylic tends to be thinner which can be great for a lightly color washed look. They also seem to dry to a more chalky feel which holds nicely to your next layer. The more expensive ones are usually thicker in consistency and dry to a softer feel. I use both!!!) back to adding paint.  I do this by just putting a few drops down and then taking a wippie, yes,  a diaper wipe and I smear the colors around.  Sooometime I also use a paintbrush, and often I just use my fingers!!!  All methods work great for either the initial setup of your page or covering up something you didn't like and starting again!

That's it!!!  My page is now ready for whatever else I want to put on top!  Ink. Markers. Water colors!  More acrylic. Then in the light colored spaces that are left after I've added some junk journal ephemera or photos I do my actual journaling and documenting. Easy peasy!!!  

If slightly wrinkled and warped pages bother you then for your adventures in journaling I would probably use a sketch journal of some sort. But me?  I like that texture. I like that my pages look and feel worked on. 

Have fun!!!  Cheers! 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Journaling: I Love It!!!

How I got here!!!

So I am a total newb when it comes to art journaling. I've always wanted to be a journaler. You know, the kind who sits down every day with a quill in hand and by candle light, records his daily life happenings, epic romances, jousting wins, damsels saved, proposals made, battles won, police boxes discovered, potions tests passed, sparkly people met.. . Well. I totally fail at that...  (and not because I don't live in one of my favorite books)

I can't tell you how many expensive journals I have started and stopped over the last decade!!!  (really, it's embarrassing)  Travel journaling is more my style and now I sort of do a part travel journal/junk journal/smash book style and part art journal and part regular old writing journal!!! I feel like I am hitting my stride finally.  I find myself a few times a day just wanting to open my journal and start playing. 

First. I like a small journal. I always wanted to have one epic large hard bound leather record of my life but that's just not me!!!  I use Field Notes for my journals. They are small. 3 1/2 by 5 1/2. They travel wonderfully and so far have taken abuse really well!!!  I like that I don't have a lot of space to fill. It makes me less anxious and I love that I can have a complete journal in as little as a month. They come in a variety of cover choices. Most are graph but some are lined or blank, which for me I have learned doesn't even really matter because I never leave my pages white anymore!!!  I love that I can keep it in my Traveler's Notebook style cover and that I don't have to worry about it getting banged up.

I love seeing the progression of my skills as well. From my first completed FN journal to my current one I'm working in. I love that often I don't like my page. And I leave it and go back later and add another layer and eventually it's all magic. 

I love that I can do no wrong. That I can cover up what I don't like and try again. And honestly. Those pages I don't like at first?  Almost always become my favorites later on. 

Whatcha think???  Have you tried journaling yet?  What's stopping you? Tips and tutorials to follow!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

I'm Still Here!!!

Hello all!  Yes. I am still here. Though notably not as much. Without going into the gory details let's just say I had a rough few months. But all is well now!!!  And I have soooooo much to share with you!

Most importantly you (yes my one reader) haha. You can expect more regular blog posts from Miss Sara Jean! I have been getting alllllllllllll types of crafty lately and I can't wait to share it all with you! There will be quick little tutorials. 

Some videos. And Lots of bright pictures.

 There will be regular mail posts (now that I'm not having panic attacks that stop me from writing) and art journal peeks!!!

Yes. I am art journaling.

 And of course we can't forget my Filofax!

SO, stay tuned!  So happy to be back. And documenting my life in all ways possible. Cheers!!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Goodbye Mystery Filofax

Well!  It has been an adventure.  After spending more hours than I would like to admit, I have no new findings regarding this GORGEOUS planner.  She is an Enigma it seems who will guard her past for the remainder of her days.

I sadly never heard back from either of the companies I sent inquiries to.  Also the owner of the Desert Inn in Las Vegas at the time this beauty was made in 1996 never contacted me back either...  Sheesh!  Haha.  So she will be hopefully going to a new home soon.  I would love to keep her but I am a one planner kind of gal and would hate the idea of her sitting in a box somewhere where she most assuredly spent her last 17 years not in use.  Hopefully she will go to someone who will use her or at least be added to a collection of other stunning binders.  Perhaps the new owner may even find more information on her!!!  If anyone is interested in giving this mystery binder a wonderful home I have it listed on Ebay.

Lovely Mystery Binder!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Mystery Filofax Find!!!

My Mystery Filofax!!!

So. Yesterday I had the genius idea to go on a treasure hunt. Mostly in thanks to Kent From Oz's newest YouTube video about Filofax finds at thrift or second hand shops. I thought hey!  It's a beautiful day for a nice walk and some treasure hunting. I didn't have too high of hopes but hey, you never know!  And really we could use the exercise right?!

So my little one and I started off on our trek. Right away at our first stop we had a find!!!  We happened across a used but well loved Franklin Covey 365 in red. It had some wear. But not so much that I didn't think the right person would love to give it a second life.

Then we found two amazingly chic unbranded  black binders that are straight out of the 80's!  Giant cell phone pockets and all. Huge wallet sections at the back.  They are BEASTS!  Both seem to have never been used and had their inserts.

We then went to another shop and nothing. Then a third. And that's where this beauty was!!!

I knew I had to grab it. What was it even doing here in this thrift store bin of miscellania???  It was gorgeous and purple. Purple!  Instantly I knew it was leather, soft and supple.  It smelled wonderful, rich. I quickly popped the clasp to behind gold hardware and gold rings.

Sigh. I snatched it up quick looking about me for fear that someone would recognize it for the treasure it was and steal it away from my tight grasp!!!  I clutched it to me and made way for the cashier, keeping an eye out for possible thieves and half expecting the cashier to tell me it was there by mistake and wrench it away!

When we made it home safe without anyone running and shouting after me I sat down and really looked at it. The leather is comparable to a Finsbury I would say. Squishy with a slight pebbled grain. The color is a sort of bluish royal purple. It smelled divine which is especially amazing because when I popped that clasp again I realized that the diary inserts were from 1997! This 17 year old binder looked as new as it did it's first day and still smelled of lovely leather. How is that even possible?!  Had it been resting in a time capsule all these years, untouched?  Or perhaps in a basement somewhere resting in it's box?  Or maybe even in a vault?

So I sat down to start my research. And then here is where the mystery really begins. This binder doesn't exist. There isn't a whisper or a picture of it anywhere online as far as I can tell. I spent a good six? hours pouring through photos and articles. I started with the company who made it. Minobossi. In Italy.

 They only now make very expensive leather handbags. I couldn't find any information regarding the company at one time making planners.  Then I noticed that the binder had a gold embossed logo that said The Desert Inn. So I researched it and found out that the Desert Inn was a Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The plot thickens. It opened in April of 1950 and in its hay day was a very popular spot for Hollywood royalty. The likes of Liberace. Frank Sinatra. Dean Martin. Cher. Tina Turner and Barry Manilow all performed there. At one point in the late sixties Howard Hughes lived in and owned it!!!

At the time of the date in the binder. 1997. The hotel had just gone through a 200 million dollar renovation. Now the guess work begins. I can only figure out that this binder must have been some sort of custom order by the Desert Inn through Minobossi. Judging from the material and craftsmanship I can only surmise that perhaps it was made in a very small run for either VIP's of the Casino or High Rollers or possibly the CEO's? Who knows!  For all I know a mob boss was running the joint and it was a gift to one of his many girlfriends!!!  Also the hotel had been featured in quite a few movies but none lined up specifically with the time frame and I patiently searched through screen shots and came up empty handed.  I thought perhaps it could maybe have been a movie prop!  But alas it seems it was not.

For now my search for more info on this amazing and mystery binder is at a stand still. I have emailed the company who made it but no response yet. And i'm not entirely sure if they would even have any info on this enigma 17 years later. But my fingers are crossed!!!

P.S.!!!  The wonderful Janet over at This Bug's Life has joined the hunt with me!  So check out her blog for more photos and info!

I hope this looooong post didn't bore you to tears!!!  I love a good mystery. And I love research. I think this binder and I are meant to be. So stay tuned!!!  Hopefully this isn't the end if the line for my mystery binder!!! 


Monday, February 3, 2014

This is my little brothers FIRST full length movie!!! OMG!

GUYS!!! OMG so my little brothers very first full length film that was picked up by LIONSGATE is being released on DVD This next Tuesday February 11th!!! Ahhhh!!! Please check it out!!! SUPER proud big sister here!!! It is called Seal Patrol and is a sci fi action 

Monday, January 20, 2014

A Quick Peek at my 4yr Old's Faux Filofax!

Filofax Finds!!!

Hey everyone!!!  So I just thought I would share a list of all of the wonderful Filo/Planner related Blogs and Shops and Outlets for Printables and Inspiration that I have discovered over the last few weeks. ENJOY!!!

Goodies!  Blogs, Photos and Printables OH MY!

My Life all in One Place
Yayee For Fridays
Jagged Little Thoughts
Filo Cuteness
It's My Life
Thoughts and Exploration
Paper Crafts and Sprinkles
Coffee and Stationery
Little Red Moose
DIY Fish
Paper Glitter
My Owl Barn
Vintage Glam Studio
Organize for Free
Super Sweet Life
Living Locurto
The Polka Dot Posie
World Label
Organized Jen
Printable Planners
My Organized Mayhem


The Polka Dot Posie
Mrs. Brimbles
Kiddy Qualia
Cute Organizing

I hope some of these were new to you all!!!

See yah soon with a video share of my little ones Filo and what she has done with it!  Haha

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

L. A. D.

Hi!!!  So Sara Jean has had a crazy idea for the new year!!!  Something to get me pumped and focused on letter writing and pen paling. I am planning on "attempting" to write a letter a day. A DAY!  Crazy. Like I said. But I have set the goal and made up my tracking sheets and off I go. I plan to write to all my pen pals that stuck through my writers block. To family. To strangers. To the elderly. Basically anyone I can think of!

Now I know I may not hit this goal. But I know regardless of how many I actually write. It will be more that I would have written without pushing myself!  So. If anyone has any other ideas or outlets for people I could write. Let me know!  So far for the year I am a little ahead because of all the New Year letters I wrote. Which is an awesome way to start!  Ok. Wish me luck. I'll be back with a new Filofax video this week!!! Cheers. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Hello all!  So, how was your New Years Eve?  Mine was wild!!!  I stayed home with my family, had a bottle of wine and was in bed before 2013 was even good and over, heehee.  It was a very nice way to ring in the New Year, and bonus, NO HANGOVER!

So, as promised I will be really revving up my posts this next year!  Thanks to planning in my awesome new sidekick, my FILOFAX, I am already to go and get some blogging done!

Firstly I have quite a few commitments that I will be making this New Year and one of them is my Letter A Day project!  OR LAD for short.  It is as simple yet daunting yet fabulous as it sounds!  I will be writing a letter a day, though some may be short note cards, a post card, a long letter or a quick hello.  I will write to friends and family members, pen pals and strangers.  I will write to the men and women who serve our country, the elderly who need extra love and to anyone else I can think of!!!  I will even be leaving letters here and there to be happened across.  I am SO excited!  I will be (among many other blog posts) updating on hopefully a weekly basis on the outgoing mail smorgasbord.

So, here is to a productive 2014 and you will be hearing often from me!!!  CHEERS!