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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Crafty Day

My little Winnie Mouse and I have been very crafty together today. She is just shy of three but a swear she has a knack for it!!! She picked up one of the little Twilight Note Pads I made and thought it was hers because it was "Winnie Size" so of course I had to put a little book together for her.

It's a simple little small book of folded pages stapled at the spine. She picked out the pages and the shapes and I punched them for her. Then she picked which ones should be layered together and what stickers to use. She laid down buts of Washi tape haphazardly and told me where she wanted the embellishments and with which little Polaroid picture! It is coming along splendidly! Now she'll have this cute little memory book all to her self.

I'll post an update as we finish more pages inside!

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