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Friday, July 27, 2012

This Was My Yesterday

So I had this crazy idea. It started with me pondering what kind of card I would make for the Twilight Moms Back to School themed card exchange to go with those little note pads I made.

So I decided to Google Twilight Back to School and the very first link was an article about esteemed universities who are offering Twilight themed courses!!! The article included a listing of the actual class offerings at the schools. So I thought hey, wouldn't it be neat to make a mini college course book? Then I went completely out of control and decided to make one for every single lady signing up for the exchange. Which happens to be over thirty so far!!!

I've got the bones of the books already made and a finished prototype. They're small 4x5 little books with eight pages each. I sacrificed the latest Twilight magazine that came out when Breaking Dawn was released and use the pages as covers!!! Now I have this stack of mini magazines. I think they look pretty neat!

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