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Monday, January 20, 2014

A Quick Peek at my 4yr Old's Faux Filofax!

Filofax Finds!!!

Hey everyone!!!  So I just thought I would share a list of all of the wonderful Filo/Planner related Blogs and Shops and Outlets for Printables and Inspiration that I have discovered over the last few weeks. ENJOY!!!

Goodies!  Blogs, Photos and Printables OH MY!

My Life all in One Place
Yayee For Fridays
Jagged Little Thoughts
Filo Cuteness
It's My Life
Thoughts and Exploration
Paper Crafts and Sprinkles
Coffee and Stationery
Little Red Moose
DIY Fish
Paper Glitter
My Owl Barn
Vintage Glam Studio
Organize for Free
Super Sweet Life
Living Locurto
The Polka Dot Posie
World Label
Organized Jen
Printable Planners
My Organized Mayhem


The Polka Dot Posie
Mrs. Brimbles
Kiddy Qualia
Cute Organizing

I hope some of these were new to you all!!!

See yah soon with a video share of my little ones Filo and what she has done with it!  Haha

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

L. A. D.

Hi!!!  So Sara Jean has had a crazy idea for the new year!!!  Something to get me pumped and focused on letter writing and pen paling. I am planning on "attempting" to write a letter a day. A DAY!  Crazy. Like I said. But I have set the goal and made up my tracking sheets and off I go. I plan to write to all my pen pals that stuck through my writers block. To family. To strangers. To the elderly. Basically anyone I can think of!

Now I know I may not hit this goal. But I know regardless of how many I actually write. It will be more that I would have written without pushing myself!  So. If anyone has any other ideas or outlets for people I could write. Let me know!  So far for the year I am a little ahead because of all the New Year letters I wrote. Which is an awesome way to start!  Ok. Wish me luck. I'll be back with a new Filofax video this week!!! Cheers. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Hello all!  So, how was your New Years Eve?  Mine was wild!!!  I stayed home with my family, had a bottle of wine and was in bed before 2013 was even good and over, heehee.  It was a very nice way to ring in the New Year, and bonus, NO HANGOVER!

So, as promised I will be really revving up my posts this next year!  Thanks to planning in my awesome new sidekick, my FILOFAX, I am already to go and get some blogging done!

Firstly I have quite a few commitments that I will be making this New Year and one of them is my Letter A Day project!  OR LAD for short.  It is as simple yet daunting yet fabulous as it sounds!  I will be writing a letter a day, though some may be short note cards, a post card, a long letter or a quick hello.  I will write to friends and family members, pen pals and strangers.  I will write to the men and women who serve our country, the elderly who need extra love and to anyone else I can think of!!!  I will even be leaving letters here and there to be happened across.  I am SO excited!  I will be (among many other blog posts) updating on hopefully a weekly basis on the outgoing mail smorgasbord.

So, here is to a productive 2014 and you will be hearing often from me!!!  CHEERS!