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Saturday, August 4, 2012

12 More Hours

And I will be officially on VACATION!!!  Ultimate Happy Dance happening right now.

I can't wait!  Just one more work day lies ahead of me.  Then pure freedom for eigth lovely fun filled days!  I think I am most excited about Disneyland.  And California Adventure!  I've never been to California Adventure.  

I am hopefully gonna squeeze in some crafting too!  Wow this  post has a lot of exclamation points!  My posts usually do, I am a sucker for the exclamation but this post has a ton!  Happy, Happy, Happy.

I was thinking bout doing a series of posts about all of the handmade crafty alternative decorations I have in my home.  All of those things I have made because I saw something I liked but didn't want to pay the price of the tag for it.  Any thoughts?

 Ahhh of to work I go!!!


  1. omg i loved your letter so much :) writing back now :P

  2. YIPPIE! Wow you got it quite a bit faster than I thought you would, totally awesome!