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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Flower Love

Ok so my new obsession is Flowers! I adore the beautiful little paper ones that I can spritz with glimmer mist and make shine and I love the little bright resin ones that look like little pieces of candy. I went from basically no flowers in my stash to an abundance! They make me smile. They are just so brightly colored and little and pretty. Here is what I've been using them on! Oh how I love Spring...

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Flowers Coffee Mini!

Here it is!!! And I am in LOVE. I might not actually send this out. I may just have to make another one! I had sooo much fun putting this little book together. It has lots of surprises on the inside. The flowers just make me smile! I'll be posting a YouTube video after I decide whether or not to send it out. Cheers!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ta Da!

Stick pins! So theses were super fun to make and INCREDIBLY easy!

 All you do is take some pearl topped stick pins (also called corsage pins) or you could use regular length ball topped sewing pins (though you won't be able to fit as many beads).

You can color the pearl tips or glitter the ball tops to make them match your color scheme. Then all you do is take some clear all purpose glue (I used Aleene's Max Tacky) and then simply glue the beads onto the pin! I placed the beads I wanted on the pin first and then just added glue in between every few beads (no need to glue every individual bead!)

 These were soooooo fast to make and easily dried over night. I'm going to use them on the covers of my Spring Time Mini Coffee Sleeve Albums! Too cute. Pictures and video of those next month!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Working on Something Fun!

I have been super busy! At least in the crafty realm. I have joined Swapbot and have already signed up for three swaps! The biggest is an art journal swap. I get to make one and embellish its ten pages and then receive one back myself!

I have also joined Mini Album Scraps which is a great site that allows people to get together and swap all kinds of goodies but especially mini albums!!! I have signed up for a mini swap that is to be made from coffee sleeves! I am sooo excited.  Look these up on You Tube to see what I mean!

So it is because of this that I have found a new little craft to tackle! I am making for the very first time Stick Pins or they are also called Hat Pins! Back in the day they were literally used to pin ladies hats to their heads and today crafty women are using them to embellish albums. They are long pins like sewing needles and they have embellished tips, mostly beads, charms and sometimes ribbon!

Photos are soon to come along with my instructions for making due with what you have!  Here's a preview!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Do you ever feel like there are one hundred things you really want to do but you just can't seem to muster the energy? That's how I've felt lately... I have all of these wonderful crafty ideas and projects I want to start and I just feel overwhelmed by it all. It's sad.

I'm not necessarily in a gloomy mood. Just an anxious one. I feel time slipping away. Too much work and not enough play. Bah hum bug. Haha. I really have to figure out how to be a stay at home mom, and soon!!! Well any who. Here is what I've been up to!!!

Trying out different To and From options

A Scrap Album that a friend requested I decorate for her!

Just a pretty Spring Flower

Two new Scrap Journals!!!  Made from actual books, pages included!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Today's Mission

To write a letter or a postcard to most of the people in my address book!!!  It is a chilly, gloomy day here in Southern California and it just feels like letter writing weather.  This is also great becasue it will help me to update my adress book!  Thank goodness for whiteout.

When it comes to an address book I keep it old skool.  I have a small Jane Austen themed book filled with hand written entries that have been crossed out and changed many times.  There's something nice about seeing the changes in peoples addresses, like seeing the evolution of their lives, where they have been and where they are now.  What are your missive goals for this Spring?

***Today is my and the Misters 8th Wedding Anniversary and this is the sweet little gift he bought for me!!!***

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Results!

So here they are!

Soap box mini journal thingamajigs. I think they turned out super! And were a lot of fun to make. Not to mention I used up all of my medium sized scrap paper!

So yayee. These seven little beauties took all together probably about three hours? If I had done them straight through. Not too shabby.

In the next few days I think I'll list them in my shop. Cheers! I'd love to see pictures of anyone else's soap box books!!!