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Friday, August 24, 2012

Just a Quick Hello!

This week has been very stressful and trying with a lot of waiting.  So I apologize I'm not posting something more upbeat and interesting!  I promise in a few days when all is well in the Land of Sara I'll have some exciting fun crafty things to share.  For now though I have a whole bunch of goodies coming in the mail!  Everything from Twilight Exchange cards to more paper to add to my hoard.  And a special  Bday present I pre ordered for myself.  It's the new Polaroid!!!

You'll remeber that I have this little beauty that prints out actual mini versions of the original Polaroids.  They are 3x2 and perfect for sticking into a journal of making a card with.

Well this beauty is pretty special too!  She also prints 3x2 prints but they are on a special heat reactive photo paper that lives in the camera.  What's really neat is that they have a sticky peel away back!  So they are perfect for crafting with.  The camera is digital so you get to make sure you have the shot you want to print!  I don't have her yet since she's a pre order but as soon as I do I'll share!

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