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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Why oh why does time fly when you're having fun?! I can't believe it's Tuesday! Quick. Does anyone know how to make a flux capacitor. Or maybe a worm hole. Does anyone know how to bend time or reverse the rotation of the planet?!

Ok. Rant over. Vacation has been lovely so far. Sunday was spent driving to LAX to pick up the not so little brother. The drive home was spent debating with our mother and getting a major rile out of her and then making her laugh so hard with a superiorly inappropriate joke that she almost died from lack of oxygen and ran us off the road. I was laughing so hard at her laughing that I had tears streaming down my face!

Yesterday we went to the fair. Everything was done at warp speed because of the buggy girl but it was fun!!! She rode a horsey and went on what I considered three much too fast rides all by herself. I watched closely cheering while having a coronary.


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