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Friday, August 10, 2012

A List of Things

To do before my vacation (tragically) ends and my Birthday week begins.

1. Write some more letters!!!
2. Post said letters pictures online
3. Make new journal for 29th year on Planet Earth (pretty sure I've been here the entire time...)
4. Finish Twilight Mom Card Exchange cards!
5. Avoid a "my vacation is over!!!" panic attack
6. Shop on Etsy a bit!
7. Explore new mail and craft blogs
8. Figure out if I like my new short hair with my much too round face
9. Fix round face by changing entire current dietary consumption levels
10. Try not to be so hard on myself!
11. Start making cards for my SHOP!!!

(11 seems like a good uneven place to stop, yayee for uneven number!!!)

Oh and I bought a Lap Desk!!! Just thinking about it makes me want to do a little jig. And yes I have an Owl
on my shirt (one on my arm is soon to follow).



  1. I have a lap desk. I use it to write letters in comfortable places like the couch! haha Good luck on your list. :)

    1. Thanks Marian! I super love my lap desk so far. It's so nice to fluff some pillows on my bed and get nice and comphy with some mindless tv on in the background. A glass of wine and a big stack of blank stationery waiting to be filled! Heaven.

  2. i tend to write mine lying down on my bed on top of my HUUUUGE sudoku book :)

    1. Huge sodoku book huh? Sounds fun!!! For some reason I can't write laying down. I think it's my messed up shoulder from sharing a much too small bed with the Mr. and my lil miss. I love to just relax and write though!!!