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Friday, August 17, 2012

Let's Just Say

I've had an amazing Birthday week!!!

1. I'm getting in the groove of using my journal.
2. I'm preparing mentally for all the changes and sacrifices I'll be making come Monday to make sure that 29 is a happy healthy productive year (goodbye to gluten, alcohol, excessive spending etc...)
3. The fun's not over yet! I work at my day job today but then I'm free for two more glorious days!!!

Yesterday was super neato. I woke up early and excited before 7 am and spent some quiet time alone. Then it was off to Birthday breakfast at my favorite cafe. Then we had to replace my iPhone... The home button and the power button had given out. But, they gave me $132 smackeroos for my old phone so my new one was was almost paid for! Finally it was off to the Chumash Casino to spend a few hours with the hubby daydreaming about winning big. Lol. We play penny slots. And guess what. I WON $300 DOLLARS!!!

It kept happening. I'd find a bright and shiny machine that looked like it had neato extra bonus games and down I would sit. A few button pushes in and blamo! I'd wind up in some sort of bonus game and watch the winnings pour in! It's especially fun in penny slots because your "winnings" are in the thousands. I did this four times with winnings of $60, $70, $80, & $90! The most entertaining one was the Ghostbusters machine. The chair vibrated when you hit the bonus round.  SO FUN!

The fun continues this weekend. Hope everyone else is having a lovely end to their summer!!!!!

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