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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vacation & Other Musings

Ahhh!!! Why oh why is it already Thursday?! How can this beeeeeee... Why oh why is the time going by so gosh darn fast?!

So far my week has been a wonderful mixture of adventure and relaxation.

We went to the Fair on Monday and enjoyed all of the usual fair offerings. The little miss went on three little rides all by her lonesome that in my opinion went around much too quickly!!! The Mr. and I were having little heart attacks while the miss was having a blast.

(Me and my not so little Brother!)

Yesterday we spent the day at the happiest place on earth!!!

(Isn't Minnie cute!!!)
It was toasty but we survived.

(The Miss in her first Minnie Hat!)

The lines were pretty quick and we collapsed into bed last night like we had just been rescued from a week long hike in the wilderness.

I slept like a rock!!!
(The Miss Mouse napping with her Pirate Mickey!)

Today is the halfway mark... Please oh please someone slow down time for me!!!

(The Brother channeling Dr. Jones)

Does anyone have. A Time Turner?! It would be greatly appreciated!!!

(Little Girl and Daddy leaving the Park)

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