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Friday, June 1, 2012

The End of the Week is Always...

The hardest! Friday and Saturday are the only two days I work in a row at my day job. All of the other work days seem easier and more easily endured because I keep reminding myself that I am off tomorrow. Well not Fridays... I am always there tomorrow. Saturday. So it just takes a bit more mental pep talking to stay uppity!!!

Does anyone else love snails? I'm not sure why I do. They aren't colorful. Normally. They're slimy... But I just really respect them for some reason! As in I do not like people who step on them. It's so rude! That snail wasn't hurting you! It couldn't if it tried and it definitely can't outrun you... I always try taking pictures of snails but they aren't very photogenic.

Anywho that's my weird off balance post for the day! Random I know. Oh! And today starts the Thirty Day Journal Challenge with Run With Scissors!!! Should be fun! Cheers!

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