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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Aaron's Nepal Journal!

Some of you may remember a post a few months ago on my little old Blog about a friend named Aaron who had an unexpected opportunity to go to Nepal and Japan and China for a week! So I made him a travel journal for his trip. He's a doodling, writing save stuff kind of guy so I was pretty sure the journal would be loved and used. Boy was I right!!!

I am so excited to share a couple of snap shots of how Aaron used his travel journal. He used every piece of paper, envelope and paper clip that I included. And it looks super neat! He did a ton of journaling which is what really counts in a journal like this. It's about capturing those moments, thoughts and feelings that a simple photo alone in an album years later can't recall. It's about being able to look at those pictures and read the stories that went along with them. There's something special about being able to temporarily put yourself back in your own younger shoes. And it's fantastic!


  1. What a fun journal! That was so great of you to make it for him! :)

  2. It was so much fun!!! Its what I love to do... :p