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Sunday, June 17, 2012


Fathers Day! I hope everyone has a fun and wonderful Sunday! I have one more week of Jury Duty. Which by the way has been so fun! I wish I could be a professional juror. I'm learning so much and my days are a lot shorter than they are at my day job. We keep being told were a fun jury. I think it's because we all knew we would be stuck with eachother for three weeks and we can't talk about the case, so we're forceded to chat about ourselves. I've been hanging out with women old enough to be my mother or grandmother. And it has been so fun! I'm an old soul.Here are a few random pictures from my random week.

I received my last Twilight Card.

And I am going to make this blanket, isn't it Glorious?  Debra over at A Little Imagination and a Pile of Junk whipped this up. She calls it a random stitch crochet blanket. I think I'm in love. Every row or so you switch yarns and stitches. There's no pattern to follow or any rules. Which is great because I love to crochet but I get bored and end up leaving the blanket only a few rows in... So this suits me just fine!!! I think I'm going to go yarn shopping...

And finally some Washi Tape! (hello my name is Sara and I am addicted to Washi tape...)


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