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Saturday, June 23, 2012


My favorite thing to do in the mornings when I have time and the rest of my family is still snoozing away and I've opened all the windows to let the chilly morning air seep in  is sit down at my husbands computer, poor myself a big cold glass of tea and catch up on reading some of my favorite Blogs.  I find it so comforting, relaxing and inspiring!!!  I always come away with at least three new things I want to try or make or cook or attempt.

I sadly haven't had much of a chance theses last few weeks to be very crafty!!!  So while doing my favorite thing this cool summer quiet morning I came across a GREAT idea.  Did I tell you I own a million postcards?  I'm sure I did on my Lil Old Blog.  OK, maybe not a million but LITERALLY a thousand.  I counted once.  You see it's these darn boxes of 100 themed postcards that you can get for what boils down to be like four cents a postcard!  You can find them on Amazon, and yes over the years iv'e purchased a few...

Well, now I have something fun and crafty to do with them!!!  I was catching up with one of my favorite Blogs A Beautiful Mess when I came across a Guest Tutorial Post by Kara from I Just Might Explode.  This is the thing I love about Blogs, getting to not only learn new things but "meet" new people.  Kara's Blog is well worth taking a look at!  I think it's going to be a new favorite.  Any who, her guest post was about making postcards into travel journals, and you KNOW how much I love to make journals!  And I get to use Washi tape!  I think I am going to hunker down for a fair part of this weekend and whip some of these up.  You really should check out the tutorial!!!  They are fun and super easy, look great and Kara has even been nice enough to include an Etsy shop link for those who don't already own postcards and would prefer vintage over new.

Happy Weekend!!!

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