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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And Now For Some Updates

I have too many projects going on!!! Let's see. Firstly. My no pattern random stitch rainbow blanket is further along than I expected! It's about six feet tall now... Which was an accident and it's over a foot wide! I think this means the stripes will end up vertical versus my original horizontal.

I have yet to really start my postcard journals. But I've been thinking about them!!! I've also been pawing through my collection and coming up with a few themes.

I still haven't posted those little blank sewn albums in the shop yet. I just haven't had the time or drive to... Jury Duty took a lot out of me emotionally and while I thoroughly enjoyed it I wasn't expecting the emotional ramifications of the last three weeks.

Because of this I am going to make myself a new journal. The one I'm using currently just doesn't fit my mindstate right now and I think in this I've discovered another important personal requirement of my journals to make them work. While I love the idea of an epically thick journal that spans many years. I think I would prefer a smaller one that I could actually fill and complete in a few months. I think I need that closure and since of accomplishment. I also think that esthetically I need a change ever so often. Katie at Gadanke and Making This Home I think has the right idea. Smaller journals and often themed journals for specific types of entries.

So here we go again. I'll post pictures of my new journal hopefully later today. Tomorrow it's back to the real world for me. And I'm not sure I'm happy about it... At my day job I don't get a sense of accomplishment or of doing anything for the greater good of someone else...

This was supposed to be a cheery post!!! Oops!

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