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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's Feeling Like A Crafty Day

Or is it feeling like a sneezy day...  A sneezy crafty day?  I know I am a native Southern Californian and those (2?) of you reading my silly little Blog most likely aren't but I hate/love these Santa Ana winds!!!

I hate them because it gets waaaaarrrrrm. I hate warm weather and it gets so FRAKING windy!!!  My nose has danced between stuffy, runny and sneezy for three days.  I am pretty sure there are a few more Nose Dwarfs in there somewhere and it is ANNOYING!!!

So why do I also love our Santa Ana winds you ask? Because this means Fall and Winter in southern CA. We don't get chilly crisp weather and snow. No sir we get warm crazy blow you down the street windy weather!  And to us in Southern California it means Christmas will be here sooner than any of us are prepared for. So I guess today will be a snotty, sneezy, teary craft loving day!!!

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