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Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's an Oz Kinda Christmas

I looooove The Wizard of Oz.  Not so much the movie (ok it's good but have you read the books?!) but the books!

And I found this amazing Oz paper and some super fantastic embellishments. So here I was ogling my goodies and wondering what I could make with them that I (or others) could actually use!!!

You know my love of journal album thing-a-ma-jigs and there is a certain favorite holiday much to rapidly approaching... Hmmmm

So I Invented Christmas themed Oz Books! And I love them. They are constructed like the Halloween ones but even better!!! They are a little but fatter (if that's even possible) and I have to say my tag making, photo mounting, pocket making skills have improved.

These two lovelies will be in the SHOP before Monday and though I'd love to see them go I kinda wanna keep one for me!!! I guess it's up to fate.

Anywho I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend! It's back to the grind for this girl come Monday... Can't this weekend last forever!!!  (I'm desperate...)  Cheers!

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