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Monday, November 5, 2012

Networking and Christmas

First of all. It is 90 degrees here in southern CA!!! Doesn't Mother Nature know its November?! Who says Global Warming isn't real...

I want to make Winter Wonderland Christmas themed smashbooks, journal hybrids for my Shop. But is there any point? Lately I feel like I'm just going to end up with a room filled with pretty paper goodies that no one wants... Very sad.

This leads me to networking. How in the heck can I get better at it? I really truly admire those women and favorite Bloggers of mine that are lucky enough to work from home and make a living doing what they enjoy so much. I sure wish I could figure out how to do it for myself!!!

Oh we'll. I guess I'll just keep writing this blog and making crafty fun for myself. La. Di. Da. Cheers!

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