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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Letters To My Daughter

This is a project I've wanted to start FOREVER! And I think I'm just about ready. I'm going to put a special hybrid book together for it like the ones in my shop. And try to write a letter a week.

I want to include precious moments we shared together. Things about myself and about life I don't want to forget to tell her about. Maybe include the goings on in today's world. I've even asked the hubby to contribute and he was super excited!!! I can't wait to start!

I wish I had something like this from my grandparents. They were two really important people in my life who I unfortunately know next to nothing about. And they've been gone for quite a few years.

I want to pass on something tangible to my family. Pics to follow soon! Hopefully tomorrow.

Does anyone else do something like this for their children or family? I'd love to hear about it!!!


  1. That's such a special project. It's the kind of gift she'll treasure forever. My mom used to be working a scrapbook that she was going to give me when I moved out, but I'm not sure if she's still making it or not. lol

  2. Haha. You'll have to bug her!!! My moms has been saying for about my whole life that she's going to make me quilts and blankets. I've yet to see one. Lol