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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Whipped Up

I whipped a couple of these up last night. All day I had been fidgeting with creative energy that needed to be released. So I started trolling the Internet looking for some type of album to put together while I not so patiently wait for my adhesive and chip board to arrive at my door so I can make this album I mentioned last week. While snooping around I came upon Amy Tangerine's Day Book. Which seemed super simple to make on your own without having to purchase her kit. So I did!!!

These little books are about 6x5. A little squarer than I normally like but I hate wasting paper!!! And I can make two at a time from the same 12x12 sheet this way. They each have over 24 pages (50 front and back). I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out and they were very easy to make!!!

Just fold pages in half and stitch. Basically making a book out of one signature of papers. I left them minimally embellished. I might list a few in my shop. Whatcha think? I think it was an evening well spent.

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