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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Doctor is In?

Noooo not THAT Doctor!!!  I wish...  Tonight I made dinner for my disabled hubby. He LOVES Hamburger Helper. I. Do. Not...  Toooo much sodium.  Too out of a box. But every once in a while he gets nostalgic for his childhood and requests it. So I try to oblige ever so often. But!  I never leave packaged "food" as is. I always "Doctor" it up!!! I attempt to make it much healthier and a lot more tasty.

Tonight's experiment was Hamburger Helper Lasagna...

Here is what I did to make it taste worlds better and a tad bit healthier. 

1. First I start with the Whole Grain version! When it comes to prepackaged meals... I try to be as health conscience as they allow, which isn't very easy...

2. Then I used a pound of lean ground Italian sausage. I figured this would go great with the lasagna flavor and it ended up being quite a bit less greasy than hamburger meat. 

3. After browning the sausage I added two large ripe organically home grown tomatoes and let them simmer down!  I thought they would dilute the included seasonings saltiness and add a nice natural flavor and lets face it, a boxed meal can always use some fresh ingredients!

4. After the tomatoes simmered down I also added french cut green beans to the mix after all greens are important!!!

5. Finally I only ever add about 2/3rds of the included seasoning. That stuff is just too salty!  Your blood pressure will thank you.

I have to say. It was REALLY GOOD!  My picky almost 4 yr old even ate it! Perhaps after 10 years together it's my fault the Hubs occasionally begs for Hamburger Helper. Because I "Doctor" it up every time!  He just thinks it comes out of the box that good.


  1. I might have to try that! But then again, my crew thinks I'm the worst mom ever when I make Hamburger Helper, Mac-n-cheese or (gasp!) the one time I made Stoffers lasagna!! I think either I have very snotty children or they know what the good stuff is. lol!

  2. I just make my own versions depending on what is on hand. Hotdishes and stews are so easy and I am not much into recipes. LOL