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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hello Friends!

Look!  It's only been a week and here is another post!!!  This week of vacation has been fun and lazy and wonderful. I always feel like my little brother always lives on my couch when he is here for a week. I will be sad this afternoon when we start off for the airport...

But we had a fun week!!!  We went to the LA Zoo. Which. Was. Disappointing...  We chose it because it appears to be larger than the Santa Barbara Zoo which is the only zoo I have ever been too. But it was not...  It's just more spread out. And it was too hot and too sunny...

 So we left early and went to DAISO!!!  Which. Was also kind of a let down...  Only one little section of stationery and no other cool crafty supplies. But I did get a few things sooooo...

The rest of the week was spent shopping. Walking downtown. Eating out. Yesterday was Pirate Day at the harbor and it was so much fun!  Arrrgggh!!!  Lol

I started a new craft!  Collaging with Beeswax, it is so fun and easy and gives you a really neat Vintage effect.  I intend to make postcards!  I also found an old Atlas at the thrift store, NO paper is safe from my Envelope Punch Board!  Muahahahahahahahaha

I also bought myself some birthday presents!  Even though it isn't until August. I upgraded my Filofax!  "Already"? Some will ask puzzled.  Well. I needed something bigger!  BIGGER!!!  I wasn't able to do the journaling and Smash Booking in the little personal sized one. So, off it went to a good home and hello a5!!!  She is still a work in progress. I have only had her for a day. But I will post a video soon!!!  

What has your summer been like so far???  Any amazing crafty things???  Cheers!


  1. Damn that A5 Pink Filo has me soooooo tempted! I cannot afford it, so I will live vicariously through yours! I love it though.

    1. Heehee it is so BRIGHT! Loves it though, glad that you can gaze at mine while you save for yours, don't forget the sunglasses! LOL

  2. Hi, Melyssa here from SNP. I now subscribe to your blog and am stalking you! LOL Anyway, great post! I have an A5 sized faux Filo and still wondering what exactly I want to DO with it. Intrigued with using it as a smash journal / dayplanner kind of thing...hmmm.

    1. Hi Melyssa!!! Glad to have stalkers! Heehee. I hope you figure out what you want to do with your a5!!! I am definitely going to use mine for day planning AND smashing!!! I will keep this blog and my YouTube channel updated with ideas!!!