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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Filo Fun and Broken Collar Bones!

No! I didn't break my collar bone...  But the DH did!  Skateboarding at 7 am to the corner store...  I was woken up to a ready to pass out hubby saying he had possibly dislocated his shoulder and needed to be taken to the ER. At first I thought he was going to make me try to put it back in socket!!!  Eeeep. But alas he did not which is good because it wasn't dislocated but broken...  Sooo that was fun!

So far this week (it's only Tuesday) has been filled with playing in my Filofax and getting everything set up juuuuust right. Which is so fun!  I decided I really loved next years vertical and lined week on two pages. So much so that I disliked this years horizontal unlined ones...  Sooo I sort of made my own for the remainder of the year!  Not toooo shabby. I scanned the first week of next years. Popped it into Word. Printed it front and back on regular printer paper. Washi taped over the incorrect dates and VOILA!!!  Happy camper. 

I also revamped my Mail Log!  Writing the same info on two pages (incoming and outgoing) was getting tedious and ridiculous! So, I took advantage of the wonderful roomy pages in my A5 Chloe and made new ones!  LOVE! (Yes that is a Unicorn paperclip and yes it is awesome).

Then I FINALLY made a log for keeping track of Shop sales and crafty purchases!  When the big bag "Tax Collector" comes round this year Sara Jean will be prepared! Don't mess with a girl and her Filo...  LOL

I was good and also finally made a Food Log to keep track of things. Because, well, this girl is turning 30 in three weeks and wants to live until shes 90!!!

This picture is simply here because I love the fly leaf I made and the tree.. The TREE!  Oh, how I love trees...

I finally started Smashing and Journaling in my Filofax! The little miss bought her very first "Luvie" with her own munnies from her piggy bank so I kept the receipt , snapped a shot and voila!

There, um, may have also been a stationery purchase delivered last week from Janet Store...  It wasn't me, I swear!!!  Ok, yeah you caught me, it was me...  But it is all so awesome!

And I mean really, all of my stationery fits in two shoe boxes!!!  So I don't think that I have a problem so nee ner nee ner neeeeeee ner! LOL

Well I suppose this post should end!  Some things to look forward to in future posts are:

*A Stationery Stash share video? Would anyone watch that? I mean besides me...
*ZINES!!!  I really, really, really, wanna make a Zine
*A new Video update on my life in my Filofax Chloe!
*Stationery!!!  I am going to be designing some collage stationery to sell! MY DREAM!
*Lots of Postcards and Beeswax, intrigued?
*Oh and there will be many cups of iced coffee and possibly a baby... (Figure that one out)!


  1. I am proud of all your accomplishments. Makes me tired just reading it. Keep up the great work...YMIL

  2. Awesome, friend! You're totally making me wanna filofax! :)

  3. Your Filofax is awesome!

    Is the Janet Store in the USA? Did you have to spend a lot for shipping?

    1. Hi Amy! Janetstore is not... I think it is in.... Taiwan? Japan? BUT even though shipping to the states is quite pricey, her items are soooooo under cost compared to other shops that sell the same types of items that it evens out! Like her notepads are under $2 and on other sites they go for $5.99? So I would say it evens out and she has a pretty unique selection! I also LOVE Kawaii Ya which is based in Hawaii and ShopKawaii.com which in in Philadelphia!