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Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's ALMOST my 30th Birthday!!!

SO, here is what I have been up to!!!  I opened my Birthday presents that I bought for myself.  It was a VERY happy mail week.  I had a box full of memo pads from Kawaii Ya and a box full from Shop Kawaii.com.  I did a silly low quality iPhone video of the Shop Kawaii opening if anyone is interested.  I still want to do a full on stationery share video so stay tuned!


I am still having planer indecisiveness!!!  I LOVE my Fluoro Pink FF but can't seem to use it...  Why oh why do I always do this with planners?  Should have known, silly Sara Jean, tricks are for kids.  I have had a few binder system planners over the years and after set up I seem to not be able to use them!!!  Is it the rings?  I don't know...  Is it the dividers?  IS IT TOO structured???  I think that may be it...  The wonderful beauty of it's structure panics me...  And with my Filo the possibility of ruining its beauty, well, that is a BIG fear.  Silly, I know.

So currently I am switching things up!  Trying something new that I have never used before.  A Midori Traveler's Notebook!!!  Behold the beauty in it's simplicity.  A piece of thick leather which holds paper books.  The fact that my handling it will actually improve it's physical appeal makes me feel calm.  It reminds me of my love for adventure and is very Indiana Jones-esque. The elastic band method of keeping and adding notebooks of my choosing is fantastic and so straightforward. It is still SUPER customize-able which I adore and need.  I plan to collage the covers of the inserts, add an Owl charm to the unobtrusive hanging thread book mark and maybe even add a bead to the elastic band that keeps it closed.  Simple but personable!  Is it weird that I find it more warm and inviting than binder rings? Anyways, I wont bore you with silliness but here is the Un-Boxing video!  And I will keep you (yes the one of you who reads this) updated!!!  And if you haven't seen a MTN is action Google it and look through the Flickr group feed!!!  There are some absolutely beautiful photos of this little gem in action.

***Un-Boxing Goodness!!!***

P.S. I deleted at least 30 exclamation points and 5 all cap words from this post while editing!!!  HAHA

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  1. "The one...who reads this..." Ha! That would be me, then. Your very own EmPress, Opener and Closer of Threads. ;)

    Happy early birthday, dear SJ. I think my mail offering may arrive a trifle late, but it's on its way. Thanks for brightening the lives of all fortunate enough to know you.

    EmP in Canada