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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Buzz Buzz Buzz

That is what the inside if my skull sounds like! I have sooo many plans for the new year both crafty and personal. I can't wait to get started! Here's the rundown.

1. Make more journals! Because I Love to. Especially the custom orders I get here and there. They are my absolute favorite! And I have a new idea for a different type of journal that involves using an entire vintage book for the bones! Then hopefully sending more of my little books out into the world.

2. I was nominated for a Liebster Blog Award by A Ghouls Best Friend!!! More details to follow this weekend! Super fun and exciting. Thanks Sara!!!

3. Complete a journal this year! I love making journals. But I tend to be bad about keeping up with my own. Well not this year!!! I ordered a custom one from Debra over at A Little Imagination and a Pile of Junk.  And I haven't opened the package yet but I am dying with anticipation! I know it's going to be absolutely fantastic.

4. The usual. Get healthy!!! Er. This girl is going roller skating for her thirtieth bday in August and I want to be in the best shape of my life for the big 3 0!!!

5. Make money to save money so that eventually we can buy a little house of our own. My dream!!!!!! Gotta convince my hubby to move out of state. CA is sooooo heartbreakingly expensive...

Well I hope everyone else is as excited about 2013 as I am!!! There are a lot of terrible things going in in the world today but I am committed to focusing on the positive!!!

For instance the new Star Trek movie and Oz movie that are do out this year!!!


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  1. Good luck on your Goals...I have faith that you will reach all of them!