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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Poking My Head

Out of My Shell!!!

My passion these days is really trying to start a little business of my own.  When I was little I always said that I wanted to be an Entrepreneur.  I didn't particularly want to take over the family Drug Store but I did want to work for myself!  The family business closed years ago and somewhere along the road of growing up I forgot about  that I Love Lucy themed Cafe my ten year old self dreamed of opening.

Growing into an adult and thinking about real goals that would enable me to still enjoy my day but make a real dependable living lead me to pursue a degree in English, mainly because I love to read and I though if I could show others the wondrous world of literature as an English Teacher then life would be good.  Well its been ten years and I am still sloooooowly working on that goal...  But, school is expensive and I am a full time working mommy and wife who has officially run out of financial aid for school (pout).

So here we are, it is a new year, 2013 and I am still waiting for my Hover Board!!!  And Flying Cars (though that would really be terrifying considering how bad some  drivers are).  And where the heck is my Replicator?!

So this is where I find myself in the new year.  Thankful that my Little Etsy Shop seems to do a bit better than the previous month and that of course is AWESOME!  And really all I can ask for.  My journals are now being carried in a local Handmade Shop and hopefully very soon you will find them in TWO shops here in Little Ventura CA.  This year I plan to apply to the Renegade Craft Fair and hopefully others.  But I have to remember to be brave and break out of my little shell.  Sometimes it's hard to motivate yourself and put yourself out there (what if someone belittles what you work so passionately on)?  But that is my number one goal for this year.  To really work on this "being my own boss" thing while doing something I LOVE.

What are your goals for this year?!


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