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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Drumroll Please

Ta Da!
This is what I have been soooo busy doing!  (sorry for the poor picture quality...  my iPhone has gone on to a better place and I haven't received a new one yet...)

Let me start from the beginning. Last Friday morning I was doing my usual morning routine and that included spending a few quiet minutes catching up with the Internet. As I sat down at my hubbies desk I started like usual with visiting my friends and family via Facebook. Well, instead of my Facebook being logged in to my timeline (which it is 95% of the time) I was greeted by my hubbies timeline.

Ok I swear I have a point! In my mind I shrugged my shoulders and figured I'd go ahead and see what some of his friends were saying and doing. That is when I randomly happened across one of his friends liking a page called I Heart Handmade. So of course I was intrigued. I clicked the page to discover that two acquaintances of ours that we went to high school with we're opening they're very own handmade goods store right here in downtown Ventura! And not only that but they were reaching out to local crafters and artists for merchandise!

So I messaged them about my journals and immediately got a response back that they love my little books and would be thrilled to carry them!


Can you tell I am super stoked? So I have spent the last four days making 24 new journals. As always I love every new one better then the last.

Isn't it amazing how happy little random accidents can lead to huge amazing opportunities? So neato burrito.

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  1. That's awesome news! I hope they get picked up licketysplit!

    1. i know! i am beyond excited and flattered.