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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Confessions of a Paper Hoarder...

OK here it goes, they say the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem, I LOVE PAPER.  For some reason I blame my grandmother who passed away many moons ago because I like to attribute all of my favorite aspects of myself to her, she was a wonderful woman 

It alllll started with stickers.  When I was very young I started to collect stickers.  It was back in the day of Lisa Frank and I was in heaven.  We are talking huge sets of rainbow animal stickers that could easily be bought for very little at ANY STORE!  This was ten year old Sara's heaven.

Then when I was in my early twenties I became entranced by stationery.  It all began with Sanrio.  Hello kitty stole my heart.  I mean the sets were just so FREAKING cute!  There were sooo many to choose from, new ones were always popping up on the shelves and who could resist paper, envelopes and sticker sets all excruciating and disgustingly adorable for under $5?!  Not me...

Eventually I moved on from the aesthetic of Hello Kitty and discovered Dark Horse Comics.  Did you know most comic shops carry stationery sets?!  Designed by fabulous artists!!!  If you love wacky insanely cool stationery then please Google Dark Horse comics and go to their stationery section.  SO COOL!!!

Well then came along the age of Amazon and suddenly paper was literally at my finger tips.  I could stay home in yoga pants and shop secretly from my own home where there was no one to shame me!  Insanely affordable box sets of postcards started zooming there way to my home (I probably own a thousand?  EEEEKK!)

The final stages of this addiction then took a turn towards scrapbook paper (I have a stack three feet high?) and ephemera (I just can't help myself!!!)  Scrapbook paper is just lovely and has so many possibilities (smash books anyone?)  Ephemera is my Kryptonite.  Reproduced images of vintage goodies that I can add to other paper creations?!?!?!?!  Oh the madness.

So here it is folks.  My cards are all laid out.  I am a PAPER ADDICT.  I am in the late stages of this disease and thankful for it seeing as I have absolutely NO MORE ROOM to store a single sheet of paper.

Are there any other paper addiction sufferers out there?  Maybe we should start a support group...


  1. Paper addict here.
    I recently found a whole box of notepads and letter sets I have had for at least two years (since I discovered the Sydney morning glory store) but never used. Some of them are so lovely, I don't want to write on them in case I make a mistake. Same as the multiple journals I have. I also recently discovered my local library has free postcards. So much paper.
    I am dead set certain that I have seen you on interpals, but I am not sure if we were going to write to each other. Maybe now is the time to do a paper swap. You have almost recovered from the dreaded paper addiction, where I am still in denial. I have room under my bed to store things if need be.

    1. hahaha I do the same thing! I have sooooo much stationery that I don't use because it is too pretty or I don't want to mess it up. And don't even get me started on the five years I was stuck in my journal hoarding addiction! thanks goodness I found an outlet for that and now make journals to sell.

  2. i'm an addict too. i'm working on getting rid of some before i buy some more. well actually that's a lie. i bought 6 sheets yesterday. but only 6 sheets.
    oh man, i'm just rationalizing here.