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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gonna Be Seeing A Lot More of Me!

Ahhhh has it really been a week since my last post?!  For shame...  Life as usual has been a little crazy...  But next week I am FREE!!!  Free for eight glorious days from my day job.

This week I have been granny squaring it up!  Crocheting is fantastic, I mean who doesn't LOVE blankets and scarves and BRIGHT BRIGHT rainbow colors?  I love crocheting because of really how simple it is.  There is really only one stitch in crocheting and depending on where and how many times you repeat it, it turns into other magical stitches!!!  I am loving granny squares because I get a sense of accomplishment after every one.  Even though it takes like 120 to make an entire blanket each little square itself is a finished product and I am an instant gratification kind of girl sometimes!

Have the 2 people who read this little Blog checked out the LEP yet?!  The League of Extraordinary Penpals?  It is SUPER fun!  Seriously check it out!  We are having a party right now that involves invisibility punch and intros, too silly, here's mine!

Hello! Good morning? I feel as if maybe it's a little too early for invisibility punch.. Oh well! Down that hatch it goes, hmmmm tingly. 

Anywho My name is Sara! I love owls and photography. My secret (ok not so secret because really I am a HUGE dork and fly my dork flag high) is reading and or consuming Young Adult Fantasy Fiction! Yes, I will be thirty this August and will be having a roller skating party to celebrate, 1980's kids style!

I also have a Blog, Simply Sara Jean and an Etsy Shop WillowMucksShop where I sell handmade Smash Book Travel Journals!

I would also like to share that I have now had two glasses of the punch and it rocks! So now I feel free to admit that I am a Washi Tape and Ephemera addict.



  1. I love crocheting and have been doing it for years and years now, but somehow have never managed to get a granny square to turn out right! They usually become granny circles...
    Yours look great though! I love the colours :)

    1. Thanks!!! I just learned how to make them this week on you tube.. Haha. when I first make the first row they totally look look circles! So I sort of stretch them out into squares and they stick. I can wait to have an entire blanket!

  2. crotchetiiiiiiiiiing! <3 I love to make Amigurumis but try to make a blanket, though I haven't continued for quite some time now. Have to get back to it ^^

    1. I am having SO much fun doing it! I hope I can stick with it long enough to get a few blankets! I love how bright and colorful it is turning out to be!