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Thursday, February 28, 2013

How To Make a Mini Book With Soap Box

I came across this neat little tutorial randomly on YouTube a few months ago and I finally have some soap boxes saved up to try it!!!  It seems to be really fun and simple and I love any paper craft where I get to use up the smaller bits of paper that I hoard because I hate to waste them.  I'm thinking of making up a small bunch of these and listing them in my shop.  Whatcha think?

I think they would be great to:
Throw in your purse for lists
Favorite quotes
Random song lyrics
On the spot ideas that you really don't wanna forget!
Dinosaur prints...

Or they would be fantastic for gifts for:
Birthday party favors
Bridal parties
Baby showers!!!

Uh oh, I LOVE doing themed sets.  OK now I am really excited, lol.

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