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Friday, January 3, 2014

Personal Purple Malden Unboxing!!!


  1. Hello there! I have been watching your youtube videos and get inspired by many of your ideas. I have an A5 filofax and while I love it, I am thinking that going down a size to the personal might be a good idea. So I started the search. The Filofax USA site only has the Malden in the pocket size and was hoping you might share what shop you ordered from for your personal size Malden.
    Keep up the posts! On a side note, I was thinking from one of your other posts to do some letter writing and wouldn't mind a bot of direction!
    thanks again!!


  2. Hiya!!! I received my Malden grom an Ebay seller who is ow all out... My only advice is to keep looking!!! they seem to pop up out if nowhere, also try the AdSpot of the Philofaxy blog! Really great finds there as well and the Filofaxes and Pens for sale Facebook page! People are always listing beautiful hard to find binders there! Definitely start letter writing! It is so fun and rewarding and relaxing!