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Thursday, May 29, 2014

June Journal/Planner Setup!

Sneak Peek!!!

So. This month. Now that I feel I have this whole journal thing down. I wanted to incorporate a teeny tiny bit of planner-ishness into my Travelers Notebook. 

Fear Not!!!

Yes. I still have. Love. And use my purple personal sized Malden Filofax!  It just lives on my desk as a very important information catch it all filing cabinet. I found that I didn't need to carry it every day because I am not a person who really ever has appointments.  I am either at work or at home. 


I dooooo carry my TN everywhere since it is my journal and I thought IT would be the best place for my daily To Do Lists!!!  So for this month (and hopefully every month going forward.) I will be splitting my Field Note inserts into four weeks. 

This is what I did.  On page one I found a free calendar printable and shrunk it down to size and glued it in.  I find having a month to view really handy!!!  Especially when trying to remember things like Birthdays, and Holidays.

After that I evenly spaced out the next for weeks by tipping in (hinging a piece of paper using tape) Mr. Ray Blake's WO2P FN size templates!!!  On these pages I will write down all those pesky or fun little things I want to get done on any given day!  And of course the occasional appointment.  If I have anything that needs to be planned for the following month (which is rare) I will just stick a sticky note on the last page of my insert so that I know to include it in my next months Field Note.  Easy Peasy!

Finally on all of the blank pages I will be doing my regular journaling, starting the 365/30 List Prompts and of course, my weekly Documented Life Project challenges.  

So yeah. I'm excited. Should be fun!  And I will film a flip through at the end of the month showing the full details.  

What are you all doing for June???

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