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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Journaling: Why You Should Draw

Even if you are like moi and can't!!!

Really!!!  You should. And here is why. 

It is my firm belief that those art journal pages I hate end up being my favorites later on. It's because of the story they tell. Mistakes are a part of life. Not everything is a beautiful piece of art. And that's ok!!!  

We need those pages we don't like at first to learn and grow. Without our mistakes we don't make progress. We find ourselves through our mistakes. And in art and life that is really a big deal!

Plus. Your journal is a reflection of you. It's your life. And I KNOW we don't all have perfect lives. So the mistakes in your journal are just another element of you. And that makes it special!

So. Back to drawing. I can't. No really I can't!!!  I simply don't have the patience to be any good at it. I can quickly sketch a silly flower or some mountain like shapes but that is about it. But that's ok!!!  I've learned to love those little "drawings" and these days my favorite thing to do is to add a water color wash over them. It creates this beautiful and light space to then journal within.  

So draw!!!  Practice makes perfect. And when you look back through your journals they will tell a story. They will show you how far you've come. What you've learned. Who you were and who you are now. Have fun!!!  And when in doubt. Cover it with gesso and try again. Haha. Cheers!!!

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