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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Working on Something Fun!

I have been super busy! At least in the crafty realm. I have joined Swapbot and have already signed up for three swaps! The biggest is an art journal swap. I get to make one and embellish its ten pages and then receive one back myself!

I have also joined Mini Album Scraps which is a great site that allows people to get together and swap all kinds of goodies but especially mini albums!!! I have signed up for a mini swap that is to be made from coffee sleeves! I am sooo excited.  Look these up on You Tube to see what I mean!

So it is because of this that I have found a new little craft to tackle! I am making for the very first time Stick Pins or they are also called Hat Pins! Back in the day they were literally used to pin ladies hats to their heads and today crafty women are using them to embellish albums. They are long pins like sewing needles and they have embellished tips, mostly beads, charms and sometimes ribbon!

Photos are soon to come along with my instructions for making due with what you have!  Here's a preview!

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