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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ta Da!

Stick pins! So theses were super fun to make and INCREDIBLY easy!

 All you do is take some pearl topped stick pins (also called corsage pins) or you could use regular length ball topped sewing pins (though you won't be able to fit as many beads).

You can color the pearl tips or glitter the ball tops to make them match your color scheme. Then all you do is take some clear all purpose glue (I used Aleene's Max Tacky) and then simply glue the beads onto the pin! I placed the beads I wanted on the pin first and then just added glue in between every few beads (no need to glue every individual bead!)

 These were soooooo fast to make and easily dried over night. I'm going to use them on the covers of my Spring Time Mini Coffee Sleeve Albums! Too cute. Pictures and video of those next month!

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