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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What I've Been Up To

This had been a really great month for making journals!!! I've been lucky and have gotten to make SIX custom journals for people. I really love making them.

The first was for one of my custom Scrap Album Smash Journal Hybrids. She wanted a complete surprise! So I spied her Etsy favorites to get a sense of what she would like. Just in case she's a blog follower I won't post a pic because she's all the way in Australia and hasn't received her surprise yet.

Then I was asked to make two similar Nautical themed Journals. And I LOVE how they turned out.

The next two were a challenge because I was asked to do regular book binding which always takes longer. One was to be wagon and mason jar themed in blue while the other was to be plantation themed with yellow. Both are Dream journals! I am SUPER happy with how they turned out.  They're so pretty!!!

Finally, I have to get started on a Necronomicon themed book... Should be interesting!

Sheesh this was a long post. I can't wait to get more orders in!!!


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    1. I had a ton of fun making them! They were requested by a friend for his mother and grandmother for Christmas gifts!!!