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Sunday, December 1, 2013

A List of Things to Journal!

I wrote this list today to remind myself of all of the things I want to include in my personal journal, I did this while waiting for my YouTube video to load!!!  It is almost done now.  So, here is how I spent some of my time in between scouring the house for guests who aren't coming...

Things to Journal About

v     Lists, lists of everything and anything, just write lists!
v     Horoscopes, because they are often wrong but sometime insightful
v     Mail Log, won’t it be nice to see how much mail you’ve received?
v     An Index, because sometimes you might want to refer back to that horoscope
v     Addresses, so if you are ever lost of\r on the go, you have them!
v     Weather, the mild and the shattering
v     Life’s Tidbits, whether you think it important now, or not, you will later
v     Photos, the silly and the serious
v     Goals, whether they be life long or just for this weekend, accomplished or not
v     Quotes, to match your mood or uplift it
v     Recipes, the yummy and the horrifically awful, include them all!
v     Stories, you love, to write, have read
v     Poetry, whether they are wondrous works of your own or of others
v     Lyrics, of your favorite songs or of your own, we experience through music
v     Dreams, to reflect on and marvel at your unconscious imagination
v     Drawings or Sketches, because no one else can interpret like you can
v     Plans, either for the future or just for today, what do you hope to do?
v     Accomplishments, so you remember to pat yourself on the back
v     Happenings, what’s going on around you, be the nosy neighbor
v     Ideas, we have so many ideas!!! Write them down, all of them
v     Charts, whether they be serious or just for fun, experiment
v     Graphs, see reason above!
v     Water Colors or Paintings, because happening across something colorful is fun
v     Memories, so those who read about you later will get a sense of your past
v     Book Reviews, so you can keep track of what you’ve read and WHY
v     Movies Reviews, so you can be that awesome friend to recommend it
v     Places to visit, write out all of the details of a “hope to happen someday” trip
v     New Things, whether it be new knowledge or something you saw, archive it
v     Assignments, either school assignments or ones for life, yours and others
v     Blessings, so you remember to be thankful
v     Prayers, so you don’t forget to fill you universe with good vibes
v     Experiences, whether they be profound or very simple, write them down
v     Happy Thoughts, to be revisited when you are feeling down
v     Headlines, because we learn from the past
v     Wishes, so you don’t forget to hope and work towards making a better life
v     Emotions, to either hold onto or to purge, it’s therapeutic
v     Mantras, to help you stay focused and determined
v     Reflections, so you may have a deeper insight into your life
v     Fears, so you can find a way to banish them and heal
v     Facts, so you can be a smarty and win pub quizzes!!!
v     Lessons whether to be taught to others, or important ones you have learned
v     Maps, because well, maps are just fun… And they could come in handy one day!
v     Events, crazy weddings, bah mitzvahs, comic con, whatever! Write about them
v     Predictions, whether your own or those of others, about you or our universe
v     Epiphany’s, so you can learn from them!
v     Realizations, most often the simple realizations in life are the most profound
v     Love Stories, because everyone loves a good love story
v     Milestones, the day you had a root canal, got apocalyptic highlights, all of it

v     Jokes, a practiced joke teller is a good joke teller, laughter is food for the soul!

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