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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Filofax? What the Heck is a Filofax?!

It is amazing that's what it is!!!  Sooooo, I am a Day Planner kind of girl and over the years I have bought many different types and styles and I can never seem to find the right one!  I like pretty one time use ones until I realize that I cant really add anything of my own...  I like binder ringed ones but never really had much inspiration to adapt it to my needs.  I always want a planner/address book/mail log/journal/smashbook...  Yes, I am needy, LOL.  Thanks to friendly LEPer's I have now discovered Filofax!!!  I couldn't possibly list all of the wonderful YouTube videos and Blogs that celebrate these planners but trust me just Google it!!  These binders become works of art!  So, here is the video I made of the un-boxing of mine!!!  A follow up video to follow in a few days once I have started my set up.  Cheers for organization that is pretty!!!

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  1. I really enjoyed your grand unveiling video! Neat. I keep waffling about buying one of these or making a cheater version with my own materials.