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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Coffee Sleeve Mini Kinda Sorta Tutorial!

Hello!  Ok so here it is sort of...  This is how I go through and make my little coffee sleeve min albums!  Ugh, I only wish I hadn't been working on this last night with no natural light...  Any ways we shall persevere!

So first I hire about a half dozen minions to grab coffee sleeves from everywhere for me.  This method worked really well!  I now have enough to make like a dozen of these little beauties.

Then I paint or ink the edges so when I apply my pretty scrapbook paper (when of course it doesn't line up properly because I am not a robot cutting machine) it looks pretty and finished!  (Finishing touches make a HUGE difference in over all presentation!)

Next I attach little 1 inch circles (I have a punch) with staples to the edge for the binder rings!  I find that this gives you more stability and doesn't take up any of the little decorative space a coffee sleeve allows.  Then I whole punch them, heehee.

*I do this before I start decorating because then you can use the paper to cover the staples!

Then I trace the outlines of the sleeves onto pretty paper and trim them down a bit smaller to intentionally leave a framed edge and adhere them with a tape runner!  You might have to play around with the adhesives you like since cardboard can be tricky...  I like the small little pink tape runners!

Next if for some reason there are some staples showing (eeeeek) I use ribbons or lace to cover them up!  I also wrap lace around the bottom of usually two sleeves to create a little lace pocket for holding tags.

Then I add little photos mats and embellishments!

And Paper bands also for holding tags!

These ones are really fun because I cut two of the sleeves open so that they fold out like a gate!

Then I embellish the heck out of the cover!  My favorite glue to use for this part is Alleene's Fast Grab, it comes in a purple bottle, works wonders!

And attach a piece of ribbon or lace to the back cover to tie a binder clip too for a closure!  These things end up pretty chunky so closures rock!

Last step is to tie lace, ribbon and seam binding around the binder rings!  It hides them and I like the wild pretty look.

All through out this I am also making little tags and booklets from scraps that are trimmed from papers used! The more tags, and fibers and colors the better I say!  Hope this helped someone!  Anyone...  Haha

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