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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Field Notes?

Hello!  I can't believe it has been a WEEK since my last post!  Holy Cow where does my time go...  Oh, yeah I joined the LEP!  Haha, I have been having sooooooo much fun with all of my new pen friends and have been doing more crafting and letter writing than ever!  My mail box has been so happy.

So the other day a fellow LEP super hero mentioned that she used these little booklets called "Field Notes" to write nice big long letters in!  These books are small-ish in size for a notebook but big enough to write a pretty epic little letter or even include doodles and photos.

Well, you know me, I couldn't wait to order some so I whipped up some of my own!  Granted mine are a "bit" more embellished than the plain ones you can buy...  But they are pretty!  They have 10 (20 front and back) little 5x5 pages inside, are hand bound with cotton waxed thread and have a sturdy little cardboard cover!  LOVE!  Ok anyways, I promise to post at least 3 times this week!  Cheers!

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