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Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Snapshot of My Quirky Home!

Holy Crow half of September is already gone!!!  This is my favorite time of year and it goes by so gosh darn FAST...

I've been doing some crafty scheming, trying to  stay semi up to date with homework and planning a certain little girls Robot Birthday Party so let's just say I've been busy!

So today I thought I would share some snap shots of the type of eclectic decor I have in my home.  I have a varied amount of interests as you I am sure you can guess from my pictures!  No, I am not schizophrenic I assure you even though my taste in wall art may lead you to think otherwise...  (Though on a side note I have always been fascinated with mental institutions and would love to vacation to one for a short bit!)  

So in no particular order...  These are some of my favorite postcards that I decided to frame and hang in my living room.  I just love the creepy melancholy feel!!!  And the warm wood makes it seem cozy.  Haha

This is my wonderful Audrey Hepburn portrait that (wait for it) I found by the dumpster!!!!!  It was in almost perfect condition.  A few scrapes in the black frame that I fixed right up with a sharpie and she was as good as new.  Who would throw this away?!?!?!  And it s pretty large.  Like 24x18?

I firmly believe that every home should have at LEAST one Coo-coo Clock.  I love this little one that I picked up in Solvang (A little Dutch tourist spot here in Southern CA)  I also think its haunted.  Sometimes the pendulum stops moving at it appears to not be keeping time but I check on it days later and by golly the time is correct!  I want a whole collection of Coo-coo's eventually.  Maybe cover an entire WALL!!!

My bedroom has four huge blank off white walls that are hard to cover.  I always seem to decorate the bedroom last.  I suppose because no one else sees it...  These are just some flower photos I took myself and framed.  I like it because it covers quite a bit of space!!!  And as everything in my life nothing quite lines up properly.  Who  need a level?  Not I.

These are just some garish over sized photo frames that I saved and filled with old photos.  See my bookshelf there?  LOTS of color.  I love bookshelves.  Why don't homes come with Libraries anymore?!  I want one...

Isn't he a handsome OWL?  What an elegant fowl.

This is a board in my little misses room that I made when she was a baby.  So sweet!

My husband acquired this piece!  Who doesn't love Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas?

This lovely painting was done for me by my oldest friend Michelle.  It is absolutely AMAZING!  It's multi media (I think she used everything except the kitchen sink...  Actually the paper with the poem is tea stained so maybe the kitchen sink was involved!) piece.

My daughters walls are absolutely covered with photos of animals and her own artsy crafty work (much like our refrigerator!)

Shockingly my husband and I have never had a real bed!!!!!  No headboard for us...  So I sort of created one visually What I really love is the story behind the painting.  I saw this huge framed painting lurking in a back bedroom in my Mother In Law's home and she said I could keep it!!!  It has a bit of a seedy past   Apparently it was probably stolen from a hotel room, or sold possibly after  the hotel closed...  Maybe something ominous happened to close the Hotel?!

Finally here is one of the many frames that was attacked by my glue gun...

If you've made it to this point then THANKS for taking a peek into my little world at home!


  1. Hey be fair to Michelle. She has been your friend the longest...not your "oldest" friend!